Mary Desmond has been connected to High Hopes all her life and her goal is to bring awareness and much needed funding for those most devastated by unexpected head injuries predominately caused by motor vehicle accidents, violence and falls, strokes, and sports-related injuries. The High Hopes Head Injury Program was started in 1975, as a result of tough hard work and need of several families. This one-of-a-kind non-profit charitable organization was dedicated to the rehabilitation and retraining of their loved ones who had been devastated by traumatic head injuries. Today, High Hopes provides a full service, day treatment program designed to obtain results. The High Hopes program uses a unique method of rehabilitation which has been developed over many years. The goal of the program is to help each brain injured person, no matter the severity of their accident, gain back as much independence as possible. High Hopes has helped hundreds of brain injured individuals recover abilities that were thought unattainable.

For more information about High Hopes Head Injury Program or to make a donation, please visit www.HighHopes.ws.