YouTube sensation Mary Desmond lends her voice to High Hopes Head Injury Programme

YouTube Sensation Mary Desmond Lends Her Voice To High Hopes Head Injury Program:
TUSTIN, Calif., Dec. 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Captivating teen music artist and YouTube sensation with over nine million video views, Mary Desmond is helping to raise money for the High Hopes Head Injury Program, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to the rehabilitation and retraining of the estimated 1.6 million people impacted by traumatic head injuries annually. Desmond will give her autographed 2014 Christmas CD titled “Mary Desmond Christmas” to everyone who makes a donation to High Hopes now through December 25, 2014.
Desmond, known as a role model for teens, has released her rendition of the Christmas classic, “Feliz Navidad,” which is featured on her new Christmas EP alongside other holiday favorites. Desmond’s official “Feliz Navidad” video, available here on YouTube, has already been viewed by over 11,000 people in the first week. Her CD will be available exclusively to those making a donation to High Hopes. To donate, visit the High Hopes website and click the donate now button to receive your autographed copy of Mary Desmond’s Christmas CD. All donations are also tax deductible.
In her first feature film due out in May 2015, Desmond will star as Hayden Clark in the movie drama Memphis Sun. In January 2015, Desmond will be in the UK for a return tour to London, Liverpool, Belfast and Glasgow. Please visit for specific tour dates and locations. Desmond has released over 50 videos on YouTube. Her most recent video, a cover of Taylor Swift’s “Out of the Woods” has reached over 200,000 views since the November post.
Desmond has been connected to High Hopes all her life and her goal is to bring awareness and much needed funding for those most devastated by unexpected head injuries predominately caused by motor vehicle accidents, violence and falls, strokes, and sports-related injuries. On average, seven million dollars will be spent over the lifetime for the rehabilitation and care of each survivor. The prospect of overcoming severe physical and cognitive impairments as well as the financial burden for recovery from harsh head injuries is not only life-changing, but can also be tremendously overwhelming for survivors and their families. Recognized and endorsed by President Gerald Ford, Tony Bennett, Mila Mason, Vanessa Williams, Lou Rawls, and many others, High Hopes provides an affordable and successful day treatment program where lost skills can be recovered and hope can be regained.

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